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      Hi. I am Sridhar from Bangalore, India. Coming from a background where fine arts, graphic designing, illustrations etc. were alien words, I stepped out on my own journey exploring design. All through my schooling my books kept telling me that there was something else that was attracting me and that they never belonged to me. When I was happy I would draw, when I was sad I would illustrate, when I was excited I would paint and my canvas became my playground. I realized that this expression is a gift I was born with and today I express myself through my design..

      I graduated from The University College of Fine Arts, Davanagere where I completed my BFA in Applied Art and moved to Bangalore, to explore my design skills. Over my 10 years of experience in the industry I have worked across various design projects ranging from Print, Web, 2D Animation, Mobile App, 2D Animation BG, Illustrations...

      I believe there is no end to learning because I learn something new everyday. I get inspired by all graphic designers, illustrators, artists around me. I love browsing the net and updating my self with the new trends in the industry and the fresh work done by designers across the globe.

      I am passionate, positive, and original and consider my canvas my life…where I eat, sleep, laugh, cry, dream… and it brings the best out of me. I hope you enjoy my expressions!